I know it can be hard in the beginning, but once you get used to bringing just the necessary when you travel, it is a life changer. It makes everything so much easier and more relaxed. Less time waiting at the airport for your luggage means more time to enjoy your holidays. Less stuff you have to carry means you don’t get so tired when moving from on place to another. Less stuff you bring less stuff you lose. Unless you spend two months traveling, I actually believe you can always use a carry on in your trips. You just need to follow my tips:

Choose a good carry-on suitcase: Your carry-on suitcase is your partner in every trip you do, so you should invest in a good one. A high-quality suitcase will very likely last for many years and will make your journey much more comfortable. I’ve tested many brands, and for me, there is nothing better than the German Rimowa.  The wheels glide across the floor; I have never once had the suitcase tip over. It is lightweight. Having four wheels for strolling this little darling down the airplane aisle, or through the airport – and with one finger – is traveling nirvana. You cannot beat their quality, craftsmanship, special touches and durability. Yeah, this baby will get scuffed and scratched, but it is darned durable. It is expensive, but so worth it. Consider it an investment. You will not need any other bag for 3-10 day trips. I have the Salsa Deluxe cabin multi-wheel in two different sizes: 35 and 55 L. The 55L is not officially allowed on the plane, but so far I have always been lucky. The European low-cost airlines are tougher, though. They always check your bags, so it might be difficult to take the 55ml as a carry-on. However, if you are not traveling low-cost in Europe, then you should have no problems taking it with you on the plane. It’s crazy how much stuff you can bring in these suitcases. But in the case it’s already full, and you still need to bring some more essentials, then you should take a look at my next tip.

Get a second bag: Many airlines will not check how many bags you carry on the plane, so instead of checking in one bigger suitcase, you should consider having a second bag which you can place on top of your carry-on with wheels. The suitcase plus the second bag will provide enough space for your stuff. Additionally, if you have the second bag on top of a four wheels suitcase, it will be still very lightweight. You’ve got love the four wheels.

Pack light: It’s very straightforward. Think about how many days you will spend traveling and how many outfits you will need and pack accordingly. The biggest mistake is to bring more clothes than you need because you want to have more options. Be smart, select your outfits before packing. Pick separate pieces that could be mixed and matched for the ultimate in outfit options. You will probably wear a few things twice, and it’s great because it gives you more flexibility. Making sure everything goes together is key. Choose one shoe/ one coat/ one handbag and make sure they match all outfits. Those usually take a lot of space in the suitcase. Also, remember that in the case something happens and you need clean clothes you can always ask your hotel to do the laundry for you.

Run away from the airline crew before immigration:  Imagine you checked in at the airport counter and you didn’t check in your suitcase. You know your carry on is bigger and heavier than allowed by the airline but since you have already checked in you think everything is fine. You are wrong.  Sometimes some of the airline staff – usually from low-cost airlines – will wait for you at the immigration gate and will check your suitcase. To avoid this annoying “suitcase check,” you should enter through a more distant immigration gate further away from the airline check-in counter you are flying with. It always works.

Board early:  In case your carry-on is bigger than allowed and on top of that you have a second bag, you should consider boarding early, so you make sure you save the space you need for your stuff at the cabin. You don’t want to be the last one to board and run out of room for your luggage. If that happens, the flight attendant will very likely realize you should check-in your suitcase, and therefore your strategy will be gone down the drain.

Nanda’s favorite travel bag is Ghurka Express no. 2 and Max’s is Ghurka Cavalier ii. For the four-wheel suitcase, their choice is Rimowa.