Spain is known as one of the most accessible and popular holiday destinations in Europe, beloved for its beautiful beaches, rich history, and warm weather. Here you find our favourite Spanish natural spots and how to reach them.

Playa de Las Catedrales, Ribadeo

If you are staying in Ribadeo, you can simply hop on a free shuttle which will drop you off at Las Catedrales Beach (otherwise known as Playa de Las Catedrales). This beach in North Western Spain is one of the most visited natural beauty spots in the whole country, where erosion has created unique rock formations that look like the arches of an ancient cathedral. Visit at low tide to see these incredible natural wonders if you are spending time on the Galician coast.

Montanas del Fuego, Lanzarote

If you are seeking a natural wonder that is easy to access, then the Montanas del Fuego (or Parque Natural de Timanfaya) is the perfect choice between relaxing on the famous Lanzarote beaches or experiencing the iconic nightlife. With a name that translates as “fire mountains”, the landscape is easily likened to a moonscape, the result of an active volcano erupting in the 1700s. The national park can be experienced on foot, by bus, or even riding a dromedary. The park is just half an hour from Lanzarote, making it very accessible by road.

Cuevas del Drach, Mallorca

Away from the Spanish mainland, the island of Mallorca offers so much more than beach resorts. If you are staying in the popular holiday hotspot of Porto Cristo, you can enjoy a leisurely twenty-minute walk to the Caves of Drach. These four incredible caves feel like something of a hidden gem on the island, and you can enjoy a boat ride through the wonderful cave system, including the underground enchantment of Lake Martel.

Somiedo Natural Park, Asturias

For those who wish to see more of the varied wildlife Spain has to offer, Somiedo Natural Park in Northern Spain is a must-visit. Set in the Cantabrian mountains, you might be able to spot a brown bear, and will definitely spot the rich and beautiful bird life including the Cantabrian capercaillie.

Made up of nearly forty hectares of space with five different valleys, this ecologically diverse area also has five rivers running through the lush landscape. Ideal for hikers, this natural paradise has a timeless feel and you can get there easily by bus or car. Staying in popular Oviedo, the pretty and historical capital of Asturias, you will only be an hour away by road from this unspoiled natural area.

Spain is bursting with unexpected landscapes and wildlife. If you want to experience nature on your next getaway, then why not choose one of these stunning locations where the beauty of the landscape is the real star of the show?